Maison Albar Hotels Le Vendome, a hotel with swimming pool in Paris, a certain luxury

Paris has no shortage of upscale hotels that all compete to offer an exceptional setting. But few of them can, like the Maison Albar Hotels Le Vendome, offer the argument of being a hotel with a pool in Paris. The indoor pool, and more broadly the Spa, offer exceptional comfort in a 5 star hotel that is not short of superlatives.

Hotel with pool in Paris, an extraordinary asset

The hotel with pool in Paris, Maison Albar Hotels le Vendome, is one of those new 5 star hotels that redefine the standard of modern luxury in the French capital. This definition is made by the presence of a Spa, an essential element for the comfort of guests who come to find a moment of peace and fitness in this hotel in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris. This hotel with an indoor swimming pool is also home to the 350 m² Vendome by Carita Spa . Everyone will find a unique atmosphere designed for well-being. With massage cabins, an experiential shower, a hammam, it is hard not to be satisfied with this Spa and pool of exceptional quality.

A hotel with an indoor pool in Paris, but not only

Maison Albar Hotels Le Vendome has a unique atmosphere. Marble is mixed with emerald green and gold colors in a refined and elegant way. A 5 star hotel with a swimming pool in Paris is an undeniable luxury. Hotel guests will have access to the Spa from 7am to 10pm. The heated indoor pool will be ideal to relax after a day of work or a walk in Paris. The Spa Vendome by Carita also offers treatment rooms, a hammam, an experience shower and a Vichy shower. Everything is at your disposal for an exceptional stay in the center of Paris. After a moment of relaxation at the Spa and a swimming session in the pool, you will have the pleasure of returning to one of the 51 rooms and suites, which according to the category, offer you a large surface area, a large bathroom and a large terrace.Depending on the category, they offer a large surface area, a view of the city's rooftops, a terrace, or twin rooms for families. Everything is designed to match your desires and expectations.
To complete this day, discover our lounge bar for a cocktail in the garden, and the hotel's restaurant, Alcoba, which will take you to South America, and you will definitely be under the spell of this hotel pool Paris. For an unforgettable stay, it will be your landmark in the heart of Paris.

Hotel with pool and Spa in Paris, but much more


Even though Maison Albar Hotels Le Vendome is a hotel with Carita Spa in Paris. It is above all a magnificent 5 star hotel. It is one of those hotels that make the reputation of the capital in terms of luxury, savoir-vivre and standing. Whatever room you choose, or one of the suites, it is the same mix of refinement, charm, discretion in a set where wood, fabrics, marble and gilding are highlighted. Obviously, the quality of the equipment is not even to question. The television with Chromecast, the desk space, the size of the room, the Italian shower and many others form a cocoon of luxury and comfort. If we imagine the rooms of this hotel with indoor pool in Paris perfect for a couple looking for a romantic night, they are also very well intended for families thanks to the connecting rooms. Everyone will enjoy their own space and autonomy while staying in one of the most exclusive places in the capital.

A swimming pool in your hotel in Paris, but what if there was even more?


The indoor pool and more generally the spa, is often the asset that makes you choose one establishment over another. What if at Maison Albar Hotels Le Vendome this asset was the restaurant? In the same spirit as this hotel with indoor pool in Paris in terms of decoration and style, the Yakuza Paris invites you to discover a new world. The chef Olivier Da Costa, with an international reputation, comes to Paris to propose his concept which is a sensation in Porto: the fusion between Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. These are two opposing gastronomies, two characters so different that they are irreconcilable. And yet, Chef Olivier offers a menu that is perhaps simply unique in the capital: the uncompromising Japanese culinary translation taken to its extreme with a touch of madness and exoticism from the Mediterranean culture. Once again, this hotel with a pool in Paris knows how to offer a very upscale and innovative experience.

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