How to choose your gift voucher for a restaurant in Paris

Of course, the capital has no shortage of quality restaurants, where know-how and top quality products are a minimum requirement. But there are also restaurants that, by their audacity and talent, know how to stand out. What if you choose a gift voucher to offer a restaurant in Paris that is unique?

Bar restaurant in Paris 9 with a unique menu: Yakuza Paris

The Maison Albar Hotels Le Vendome hides in the middle of its gilding an exceptional table, a restaurant as there is only one in the whole capital: the Yakuza Paris. Founded by Olivier Da Costa, a chef of international reputation, this restaurant takes the codes of the Yakuza installed in a hotel of the same house in Porto in Portugal. The principle of Yakuza? To merge Japanese cuisine and its search for the purest products with the exoticism and audacity of Mediterranean cuisine. Yakuza has become in a short time a trendy restaurant in Paris, because it offers at the same time a particularly seductive menu, totally innovative, but also delicious and unique, all in a beautiful setting inspired by the hotel itself. A gift voucher to a restaurant in Paris like Yakuza is a gift that you want to keep for yourself.

A gift voucher in a restaurant in Paris, what an idea!

A gift voucher in a restaurant in Paris is the assurance to offer a present that will please, and that will leave a lasting impression. By choosing the Yakuza Paris of the Maison Albar Hotels Le Vendome, you can even put the forms there. This restaurant and cocktail bar in Paris offers several packages in its gift vouchers. The first one is the Omakase tasting menu. It's the best way to discover a whole panel of preparations from the Yakuza menu, served for 1 to 4 people in the magical setting of the restaurant. It is a real journey of the senses and taste buds. The second formula is the cocktail menu in the Yakuza garden. You will discover all the sophistication of this unique cuisine while enjoying the refined and zen setting of the hotel's garden. In one way or another, the gift voucher allows you to offer an intense experience. It can also take the form of privileged access to the hotel's spa.

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