The Yakuza, a hipe restaurant in Paris 9

A hipe restaurant in Paris 9, the Yakuza of Maison Albar Hotels Le Vendome is more than that. It is also an ode to travel and fusion with a new and exciting cuisine: a combination of Japanese traditions and Mediterranean flavors.

A hotel restaurant in Paris 9 that you will hear about

Maison Albar Hotels Le Vendome is one of the reference establishments in the center of Paris. Its 5 stars have long been the guarantee of an exceptional setting and a hotel experience like few others in the capital.

This constant search for the high end of the market is also reflected at the hotel's table. The Yakuza is a gourmet Mediterranean restaurant in Paris that has quickly become THE place to be trendy restaurant in Paris. Its chef, Olivier Da Costa, reproduces here a formula experimented in Porto, that of merging the Mediterranean with the lands of Japan.

Japan is all about product excellence, the absolute mastery of the raw material, here sublimated with the audacity and inventiveness of the flavors that the Mediterranean region allows. In an elegant setting, refined but not stuffy, this hipe restaurant in Paris 9 promises a simply unique experience in the capital.

A gastronomic Mediterranean cuisine in Paris in a 5 star hotel

This hotel restaurant in Paris 9, Maison Albar Hotels Le Vendome, is a spectacular address. The choice of raw materials and the gold and emerald decoration have a lot to do with the general atmosphere. What also impresses in this hotel with this hipe restaurant in Paris 9, are the two cocktail bars that complement the tribute to the Orient that the restaurant offers in the dishes. Thus, the first bar is the cocktail bar. Located indoors, its menu offers a rare collection of Japanese beers and spirits in Paris.

The outdoor bar, in the patio, is also oriented towards the East with its zen garden. A real curiosity in Paris, it is a surprising and adorable parenthesis, a total break from the bustling spirit of the city. At Maison Albar Hotels Le Vendome, there are only places to charm you.

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